*The União Zoófila shelter is currently closed*

The dogs and cats in our care do not get sick with COVID-19, nor do they pass it on. But the humans who protect them – our staff, volunteers and sponsors – can get sick. So, to protect them, we are keeping our interaction with external visitors to a minimum, and outside only.

Sponsors can visit their sponsees between 2pm and 5pm.

. Donations can still be left at the gate.

We will continue with dog and cat adoptions as far as is possible. If you are interested in adopting a dog or a cat, please fill out the Adoption Application form and send it by e-mail to: uniaozoofila.adopcoes@gmail.com

Ficha de candidatura a adopção

Ficha de candidatura a adopção – Word

Ficha de candidatura a adopção EN – pdf

Ficha de candidatura a adopção EN – Word

Adopt. Don’t shop.

We look after around 600 dogs and 200 cats. Find out more here about the various ways you can help them. ajudar.

Adopt a pet

You are sure to fall in love with one of our dogs or cats. Come meet them!

We house hundreds of animals at any one time, and tens of thousands of dogs and cats have passed through our doors since we opened in 1951. If you are looking for a friend for life, we are certain to have the right one for you.



Adopting a pet is a real commitment. You hold another’s life in your hands, another who asks only for love, the purest and most innocent love you could ever imagine! And what a privilege that love is. I adopted my Pipa from the UZ in 2011, and I will be by her side for her entire life. On the day I brought her home to join the family, I promised her love, affection and every possible care. Adopting a pet, who can only give you love, is to make a promise that you will love it all its life! Adoption is a commitment, a commitment of love!
Susana Sousa
My name is Daniela Branco, and I’m a 17-year-old student. Being a volunteer means being willing to give your love and your time to all the kittens, even the scared ones. Seeing their progress with me brings joy to my heart. Daniela Branco
Daniela Branco

In February 2012, I lost my companion of 14 years, Nicki, a smart and playful cat. I said I didn’t want another, as the grief was too great. After a few months, I realised I just couldn’t be away from cats, so I decided to sponsor a cat at the UZ. As well as getting a sponsee, I found a new companion, Muffin, a cheeky little cat who has been an integral part of our life for almost five years. Since then, I have sponsored several cats, because, happily, they have all been adopted. Being a sponsor at the UZ is not just a matter of paying the membership fee at the end of the month. It’s also about going there whenever possible and, with the help of much affection and patience, helping our sponsees trust humans again, and to believe that they can be happy. Right now I am sponsoring Lolita, a very special senior who was left at the UZ because her companion of many years passed away. Lolita walks around the cattery, does what she wants, “bosses” everyone around. It is a very special feeling to enter the cattery and be welcomed by her special meow and purrs, like she is happy to see me.

Ana Azevedo
I’ve been a member, volunteer, adopter and sponsor of dogs at the UZ since 2007, when my dog passed away. I went there to donate his food and never left. I have truly had the most rewarding and most painful experiences possible at the UZ. Volunteering is hard work, a joy, and a challenge. But volunteering also means you miss the animals like crazy when they leave.
Fátima Seoane
Greg is one of the most special and needy dogs I have ever met. After our awful first walk together when he just didn’t trust me, I will never forget how he lay down next to me, belly up. Greg’s gesture of “I surrender to your petting” moved me so much, and it still does to this day, whenever I think of it. We animal lovers wish we could take them all home and, if we could, we would adopt every single one! As I can’t do that, one of the ways I can help is to be a sponsor.
Sofia Taveira
The UZ has truly changed my life, and the lives of those who live there, for the better. Officially, I am only sponsoring Kate and Happy (in partnership), but I like all of them, no exceptions. We adopted Maiorca, an indisputable member of our family, who we couldn’t imagine life without now. I never tire of thanking the União Zoófila team for their daily, impressive work.
José Pedro Nunes
I adopted Alanis, now Blackie Alanis, in 2011 from the União Zoófila. Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment! It means gaining a new family member who should be treated as such – with love and lots of affection! Blackie has been with us since then! Well done UZ!
Ana Gonçalves
It all started when my son, Ricardo, sponsored a dog at União Zoófila and I started going along with him to visit. I knew immediately that I wanted to spend time there whenever I could. One day Ricardo introduced me to Babel, who he had also sponsored, and it was love at first sight. I began walking her, and it became more and more difficult to leave her. Eventually, I had the opportunity to adopt her, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Today, I couldn't live without her – she gives me so much love, and she’s great company. In the beginning she was shy, but now she’s the one in charge! Thank you very much for everything you do, and for taking such good care of my girl.
Gracinda Costa


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